Dr. Mignon

    Many people are searching for solutions to their health and wellness goals that get excellent results, and save them time and money. Dr. Mignon has spent the last 10 years of her practice researching and training in technologies that do just that. She is a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine, and completed her training at the University of Southern California in Family Practice. In addition, she spent 2 years on the east coast training in General Surgery as well before deciding on her ultimate career path. Most recently she has studied plant based food preparation to help people discover how delicious eating healthy can be, and is taking a course in Germany on the use of medicinal herbs that get phenomenal results without side effects. She has been practicing in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills since 2005, and now brings her unique talents and skill set to you, here in Utah. She was among a group of amazing physicians who understood the power of nutrition to treat, prevent, and reverse disease. She has treated thousands of patients struggling to lose weight with a successful strategy to help them lose weight and keep it off, while reaping the benefits of feeling more energetic, clear thinking, having less pain, and attracting greater health and wealth with their new found confidence! Her roster includes many A-list celebrities in Hollywood, writers, producers, professionals, and home moms. They all benefit from the same talent and skill set, and have been loyal to her over the years, often traveling across the country to keep her as their doctor.

    She has been a Botox instructor for other medical doctors and nurses as well, through a collaboration with a nationally recognized training group. Her eye for detail and artistic flair help her understand and achieve your aesthetic goals using Botox and various fillers.

    Her real passion however, is for helping people rediscover their potential and use a healthy lifestyle to support them in achieving, maintaining, and enjoying their success. Join a revolutionary group of people who are taking control of their health and learning successful ways to enjoy good health, live longer, and be happier with Dr. Mignon’s expert guidance.

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