Classes: Hot Vinyasa, and AIReal Yoga

    My name is Chanel Nelson, certified Lifepower Yoga Instructor. I’m a mother of a 6yr old boy, I also work in healthcare in orthopedic surgery, and I love yoga! I re-discovered yoga in my hardest time in life with a physical back injury – two herniated discs – leaving me unable to workout, and during a heartbreaking divorce. I found my strength again – physically, mentally, and spiritually – on my mat. Practicing everyday, different forms of yoga, has softened me, kept me open, strengthened me physically and mentally, allowed me to forgive easily, and most of all, allowed me to love unconditionally. I love to teach yoga as a personal tool in life. I was able to avoid surgery on my back, and avoid going through resentment in my divorce and in life’s trials. Yoga to me truly is a breathing class first, taking us to a mental and spiritual class second, all through Hatha, or physically moving through poses.

    I love the meaning of Namaste; I truly see the light in myself and in everyone I meet.

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