Classes: Hot Vinyasa, Hot Ashtanga, Hot Yoga, Pretzel Yoga, Community Outreach

    Angie Miller is a yogi of 6 years. Having wandered into a free class in downtown Provo and realized yoga was a bit more challenging than she thought, Angie fell in love with Ashtanga and Rocket styles of yoga. The marriage of breath and body and spirit was the springboard for what became a real devotion to the practice. Fast forward four years, Angie is certified to teach and loves every step of deepening the understanding of yoga for her students while also deepening her own practice. She loves to integrate from all yoga styles and add a bit of sweaty muscle, Pilates, and Barre movements into her classes. When she isn’t teaching, Angie loves to play with her two children, make pretty bridal bouquets, read tarot, and drink coffee.

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