Body Balance

Body Balance has two distinct yet connected aspects. There is an internal component which has everything to do with what we put into our bodies. There is also an external element which pertains to the things we do with our bodies to enhance body health and body appearance.


You definitely are what you eat. An old saying that seems to be more and more meaningful as the quality of our food supply decreases. With small farms a thing of the past and corporate food factories the new trend, quality and value bows down to profit and greed. Hormones, chemical additives, pesticides and, ultimately, GMO’s are becoming the norm. Even organic and free-range foods are being met with more and more skepticism. How do we know what exactly we ARE eating?

With all of these problems that plague our food industry, it is clear that in order to maintain the best health, we need to consume quality whole foods (fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, non-bleached whole grain foods, and fish with low mercury levels) and supplement our diet with quality food supplements.


The other aspect of body balance comes from an outside-in approach. Staying physically fit by following a fitness routine is essential to good body balance. Not only does consistent exercise create a vital appearance, but it helps to support internal functions like our cardio-vascular system, our immune system and our digestive system.

Other ways to create body balance can be found with soft-tissue treatments like massage that help to balance muscle tone throughout the body while improving vascular and lymphatic circulation, skin tone and texture, nerve communication, pain mitigation and the body’s stress response.

How we look can have a huge impact on our psychological health. Treatments to eliminate stored fat that accumulates in certain areas of the body can improve our self image. While these treatments are only cosmetic and not an answer by themselves, coupled with good dietary habits and healthy exercise, they can improve how we see ourselves and how we are viewed by others.