Brain Wave Balance

Brainwave Balancing is a holistic, non-invasive, therapy that helps your brain re-establish the resiliency and ability to regulate itself in real time.  It can lose this resiliency and self-regulating ability when it experiences trauma whether physical or emotional like injury, abuse or stress. Increase in stress adds strain to your brain/body system, which can literally alter brain function.

You may have patterns in your brain that de-activate when they should activate, resulting in mental performance issues, poor memory, lack of concentration or focus, “brain fog”, or ADD/ADHD. You may have discovered various substances and self-medicate for these mental performance issues, or for internal anxiety, you or someone you know may have depression or anxiety or even more severe mental illness and offered prescription drugs.

You know the body is a complex system and that the brain is the control panel for that system. But what you may not know is that the brain has the ability to return once it finds itself stuck in trauma patterns, or in a loop of internal work-arounds or external remedies.

That’s where Brainwave Balancing comes in. By giving the brain a clear view of itself, along with a picture of what it would look like if it were already operating at a more balanced place, the brain is able to see its own reflection and move into that more balanced place.