heated and unheated yoga classes

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InBALANCE Yoga is about living authentically. At InBALANCE, we offer a variety of heated and unheated yoga styles to all levels of practitioners, recognizing that every individual has a unique path to follow and every teacher has a unique gift to offer. We know that by honing in on your true self, the world becomes a better place, one yogi at a time.

InBALANCE is also community-minded. We offer free community lessons and outreach programs, and foster alliances with other organizations who also give back to the community.

heated and unheated yoga classes


Why would a corporate big shot (with a paycheck to match) risk her life savings to open a yoga studio?
“Yoga helps relieve suffering,” says Jennifer Schnabel, former IBM executive. “I believe it liberated my soul, and I want others to experience that.”
In 2004, Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer. She put on a brave face for her three children, took her IBM workload home, and stayed strong with her husband by her side. Thankfully, after 12 excruciating months that included a double-masectomy, chemo and radiation, Jennifer’s cancer was healed. But the celebration was short-lived. After completing all of her treatments, Jen’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. She lost him three and a half years later after a valiant fight to be healed. Still reeling from her own cancer trauma, and now widowed, with no corporate job as a safety net, Jen found Bikram yoga which has transformed her life.
“I liked the repetition,” she says. “It helped me cultivate a strong body, and tranquil mind.”
After trying to find a heated studio in her neighborhood, Jen decided she would bring the power of both hot and un-heated yoga to her Utah County community.
“We’ve created a peaceful space in which you can find yourself – like I did – through the practice of yoga.”

Jennifer Schnabel

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